Property Mortgage

Guaranteed Lowest Mortgage Rate in the UAE

  • Avail up to 85% Loan 
  • Lowest Interest Rates Guaranteed
  • Free Eligibility Check & Quick Pre-Approval 
  • Free Eligibility Report of Top 3 Banks
  • No Processing Fee*
  • Refundable valuation fee
  • No life insurance
  • Free property insurance for Islamic finance


UAE’s leading Mortgage Company offering a hassle-free, smooth and transparent process for your property handover mortgage, giving you the best interest rates in the market.

Whether you wish to apply for an Equity Release on an existing property or wish to sort out handover payments for near-completion projects, we have you covered.

Our supports the ambitions of both salaried** and self-employed individuals, taking care of the worries associated with owning property such as high-interest rates and other limitations that come in the way of realizing your dreams.

With You, Every Step of the Way

Full range of services

  • Buy-to-let Mortgage: If you’re looking to invest in property in Dubai or buy your very own home, our experts can source the lowest interest rates and easy mortgage plans to help maximize your ROI.

  • Non Resident Assistance: No Matter where you live, you have access to loans that bests suit your purpose for handling property in the UAE. Speak to our experts today.

  • Commercial: Commercial properties like offices, warehouses, shops and other commercial properties require meticulous and diligent work; we make it easier for you to purchase in the commercial space. 
  • Multiple Units: Purchasing multiple units requires in-depth knowledge and planning involving multiple contractual obligations, lending institutions and brokers. Our dedicated team will ensure we do not miss any detail or deadline.

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